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Charybdis Migration

We have migrated away from InspIRCd 2.0 to Charybdis 3.2.1 !

The excessive memory usage, weird quirks and incessant netsplits caused by various bugs in InspIRCd prompted this move, hence the lack of prior notice.

This should be the last of any major network maintenance for the foreseeable future :)

The network help pages will be updated shortly to reflect the changes to various commands.

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UK Server Hypervisor Upgrade

The UK server will be down for a short period of time in the small hours of tomorrow (Monday) morning so that the underlying ESXi hypervisor can be upgraded to the latest version.

All the other servers on the network will operate as normal.

Update @ 03:00: A very smooth, successful update :)

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Network Upgrades

We have migrated from Anope to Atheme 5.2.2 😀
Obviously there are a lot of differences, so feel free to ask a member of staff should you require assistance.

The Network Services page has been updated to reflect Atheme's commands and syntaxes.

At the same time, we upgraded to InspIRCd 2.0.0.


US server gains IPv6 connectivity

The US server now has an IPv6 address!

You can use to connect using IPv6, however you will need an ISP that supports IPv6, or a 6-to-4 proxy. If you don't know what these are, it's likely you don't have them 😉

If/when the other servers gain IPv6 addresses, they will be added to the round-robin, just like the current IPv4 round-robin.

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UK Server Downtime – RapidSwitch Network Issue

A network connectivity problem occurred earlier, which affected all (or at least most) of the datacenter in which the UK server resides.

RapidSwitch have not yet provided an RFO (Reason For Outage) report, but they did say this:

At approximately 00:20 a network issue was detected affecting connectivity to the North cluster in RapidSwitch Spectrum House.

Our on call engineers were contacted and the problem has been resolved. Service was restored at approximately 01:35. Unfortunately we do not currently have any further details available at this time but will issue them as and when they become available.

An update from RapidSwitch [emphasis mine]:

At approximately 00:20 a network issue was detected affecting connectivity to the North cluster in RapidSwitch Spectrum House. The cause of this appears to have been a very large amount of malicious traffic directed at the RapidSwitch network. This traffic has unfortunately caused a routing issue within the RSH.North cluster.

Our on call engineers were contacted and the traffic has been removed from the network. Normal service was restored at approximately 01:35. This problem will have affected different clients in different ways. It will have ranged from no effect, to an increase in latency and some packet loss, to a more substantial loss of connectivity.